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Buchae-Chum (Fan Dance),Tea Ceremony, Traditional Games 

Our organising committee has arranged an event that enables guests to experience Korean traditional culture. This will take place on the evening of the second day of the conference. Depending on the pre-registration, you can learn a fan dance, a traditional Korean dance performed with a fan (Buchae-Chum), or experience a Korean tea ceremony and its dessert culture. Through understanding fan dance, you will be captivated by the grace and emphasis on lines in a Korean traditional dance. During the tea ceremony experience, you will have a chance to savour a variety of teas whilst enjoying an array of traditional Korean desserts.

Learning Buchae-Chum (Fan Dance)
Time: Thursday, 26th Oct. 2023, 20:00-21:30
Venue: Dance R
oom (B1), Global Hall, Konkuk University

Fans have been an essential and valuable tool in Korean performing arts, and are often used for dancing. The fan dance revolves around folding, unfolding, rolling, and twirling a fan with both hands. The aesthetics it embodies and seeks is a delicate harmony of the profound tradition of Korean dance and modern beauty. Its formative features include heaviness, flexibility, and resilience. Try learning the basic movements of the fan dance, accompanied by a traditional Korean melody.

Tea Ceremony &
raditional Games Experience 
Time: Thursday, 26th Oct. 2023, 20:00-21:30
Venue: #204, Educational
Training Center, Konkuk University

A tea ceremony is a tradition involving brewing tea and offering it to guests or drinking it. The tea ceremony assigns special meanings to each process, from picking tea leaves and brewing tea to finding good water for brewing, and ultimately drinking or serving it correctly. It also includes mental cultivation by devoting oneself to these processes. After the tea ceremony, you can experience traditional games played, as entertainment, or recreation.

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