2021 GMHC Call for Panels & Papers

This year’s theme :

Moveo, Ergo Sum : Imagination, Ethics, and Ontology in Mobilities

Conference dates :
October 29-30, 2021

The Academy of Mobility Humanities (AMH) invites proposals for panels or individual papers for 2021 GMHC.

We welcome submissions of individual papers and panels for this global conference.

See below for more details or refer to the PDF document and the application forms at the end of this page.


Topics may include but are not limited to :

1. Humanistic Perspectives on Mobility Studies: Moveo, Ergo Sum
2. Imagination of Mobilities: Text, Narrative, and Embodiment
3. Ethics of Mobilities: Ethos of High-Mobility Society
4. Ontology of Mobilities: Concepts, Values, and Rights
5. Inquiry into Materiality of Mobilities: Technologies and Infrastructures
6. Human Ecology in the Era of High-Mobility: Migration and Urban Mobility
7. Other Related Issues

Submission Requirements

For panels composed of four or more presenters :

- 200-word outline of the theme of the whole panel
- 200-word abstracts of each paper
- details of each present and (if any) co-authors

- application form for panels (available at the bottom of this page)

For individual papers :

- 200-word abstract of the paper
- details of the presenter and (if any) co-authors

- application form for individual papers (available at the bottom of this page)

All panel and paper submissions must be in English.
Submissions in languages other than English will not be considered.

* Everything should be submitted via email to the Organizing Committee
GMHC2019@gmail.com ) by June 14, 2021 *

Key Dates

Paper & panel submission deadline :
June 14, 2021

Selection decision made by :
June 30, 2021

All submissions will receive an acknowledgement. Any submission received after the deadline will not normally be considered for presentation. All panel and individual paper proposals will be reviewed by two members of the Organizing Committee of 2021 GMHC. We will contact you at the end of June 2021 to inform you as to whether your panel/paper has been accepted.

Please note that, by being accepted to this conference, your abstract will be automatically considered to be included in the GMHC’s conference proceedings in due course. Please email the Organizing Committee of 2021 GMHC (GMHC2019@gmail.com) with the subject heading “2021 GMHC Inquiry” if you have any questions and concerns.

You can find all of the above information in the following PDF file :

Please fill in either of these application forms and send with the rest of your application files :

Mobility Humanities