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Call for Papers, Posters & Sessions

Co-Organised by

The Academy of Mobility Humanities (Konkuk University), the International Institute for Asian Studies (Universiteit Leiden), and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (National University of Singapore) 

Theme :

“Mobilities, Aspirations and Affective Futures”

Conference dates :
24 – 26 October 2024

We invite proposals for sessions or individual papers for the 2024 Global Mobility Humanities Conference (GMHC). We welcome submissions of individual papers, posters, and sessions for this global conference. See below for more details or refer to the PDF document and the application forms at the end of this page.

Topics and Areas

Topics and areas may include but are not limited to :

•    Aspiration and mobility infrastructures or technologies
•    Migration experiences and aspirations
•    Tourism, retirement and aspirations for life and wellbeing
•    Aesthetics and aspirational forms of travel
•    Digital nomads, social media and aspirational dreams
•    Aspiration and intersections with modernity and development in mobility
•    Climate change, the Anthropocene and ethical mobilities
•    Race, coloniality and mobile aspirations
•    Capitalism, circulation and the affectivities of production/consumption
•    Mobilities of the future
•    Aspiration and mobilities in literary, cultural, and artistic narratives
•    Philosophies of aspirations and (im)mobilities
•    Other related issues

Submission formats 

For individual papers:

Individual submission of a paper consists of an abstract (300 words) and a brief biography (100 words), including contact information. Papers will be grouped thematically by the programme committee and may become part of a 7/7, debate, or panel session.

For posters:

This is a great way to discuss early or exploratory work and present it as a Poster at the conference. A submission consists of an abstract (300 words) and a brief biography (100 words), including contact information. The full poster is due by 6 October 2024.

For sessions:

A full, pre-organised 7/7, debate, or panel session. A session submission should include a title, a summary of the session theme and the method chosen for facilitating discussion (300 words), as well as abstracts for each contribution/presentation (300 words). A short biography of each presenter is also required (100 words), with contact information. 


7/7 sessions:

This means seven slides and seven minutes for each presentation (max 7 papers). The sessions will have plenty of time for discussion. This will be supported by having a chair who might also act as a discussant. Presenters shall focus on their main argument in order to avoid overly complex presentations.

Debate sessions:

Debate sessions have a maximum of five presenters. Each gives a five-minute focused input to the topic, and this should be followed by a discussion involving the audience. Led by a chair.

Panel sessions:

Panels consist of a chair, three to four paper presenters, and one discussant (optional). Panels should include time for audience discussion. Each presenter has 20 minutes (15 min + 5 min for questions); papers are grouped thematically.

All panel and paper submissions must be in English.
Submissions in languages other than English will not be considered.

Application forms are available at the bottom of this page

* Everything should be submitted via email to the Organising Committee
( ) *

Key Dates

Deadline for the submission of abstracts and full, pre-organised sessions :
20 May, 2024

Notification of acceptance for abstracts and sessions :
17 June, 2023

You can find all of the above information in the following PDF file :

Please fill in either of these application forms and send with the rest of your application files :

All submissions will receive an acknowledgement. Any submission received after the deadline will not normally be considered for presentation. All panel and individual paper proposals will be reviewed by two members of the Organising Committee. We will contact you on 17 June 2024 to inform you as to whether your paper/poster/session have been accepted.

Please note that, by being accepted to thi
s conference, your abstract will be automatically considered to be included in the conference proceedings in due course. Please email the Organising Committee ( with the subject heading “2024 GMHC Inquiry” if you have any questions and concerns. 


Programme Committee

Taehee Kim (Konkuk University), Jinhyoung Lee (Konkuk University), Weiqiang Lin (National University of Singapore), Benjamin Linder (International Institute for Asian Studies), Paul Rabé (International Institute for Asian Studies), Inseop Shin (Konkuk University)   


Organising Committee

Jin Suk Bae (Konkuk University), Bomi Im (Konkuk University), Jooyoung Kim (Konkuk University), Taehee Kim (Konkuk University), Jaeeun Lee (Konkuk University), Jinhyoung Lee (Konkuk University), Yeonhee Woo (Konkuk University), Myungsim Yang (Konkuk University)

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